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MACTE Library Museum. 2023. Termoli, Italy. Winner Project - People´s Choice Award

" Naturally Fractured ". 3Dimensional Front Exhibition Structure Installation Competition > Milavec Hakimi Gallery, New York. U.S.A  >  2012


Team: Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero + Yu Yuekan


Being IN-BETWEEN means to DISSOLVE the boundaries BETWEEN INSIDE and OUTSIDE, BETWEEN PUBLIC and PRIVATE, BETWEEN OPEN and CLOSE. Means to create an SPACE that is at the same time CONTINUOUS and FLEXIBLE, like a NATURAL FRACTURE.


In this way the project is conceived as a PROCESS composed by 5 kinds of related TRANSITIONS: Space, Time, Use, Inhabit and Material.


SPACE and TIME transitions:  


The installation is conceived as an space attractor but establishing a relationship with the actual building in terms of formal logic and composition. During the morning and the afternoon is opaque and intimate turning into a translucent and exterior space at the evening and night. 


MATERIAL transitions and ADAPTATION:


The main  material for the development of the installation structure is an ALUMINUM STRUCTURE completely INDEPENDENT of the actual building structure and modulated as the actual gallery structure. Establishing a dialog between the installation facade and the actual facade of the building. 


A secondary structure of steel cable connects all the sections being the support of the SILK PAPER and LATEX COMPOSITE facade, that creates the different effects of opacity and translucency. Finally the flooring is composed by a WOOD PANELING with BLUE VELVET carpet finishing like the curtains.




The exhibition structure is conceived as a FLEXIBLE EXHIBITION SPACE capable to assume different possibilities of USE and DISPLAYS.


Option 1: The installation works as an OPEN exhibition space and the main gallery is CLOSED. In  this case the installation is a PUBLIC SPACE, 

we can see the exhibition displayed on the main gallery but there is NO art works displayed at the installation space.


Option 2: The main gallery is open but the installation works as an INDEPENDENT exhibition space. In this case TWO exhibitions could be held at the gallery, one INSIDE and another OUTSIDE with the CURTAINS CLOSE. The only possibility of connection BETWEEN both spaces is the gallery main door.


Option 3: PARTIALLY CONECTED. Some Curtains are OPEN and others are CLOSE the gallery and the installation share a visual connection.

 In this option the main gallery could be close or open but the relationship is similar.


Option 4: The same exhibition is displayed both at the main gallery and at the installation Space and all the curtains of the installation space are open. MAXIMUM LEVEL of CONNECTION between the exhibition spaces.


On the other hand the continuous nature of the space allows the display of different kinds of art works and pieces as: traditional art works and photography (2D elements), sculptures or physical models (3D elements),  video and sound installations or interactive installations (4D elements). The development of performances and body-art works is also possible in some spaces of the installation.


The installation works as a PROSTHESIS of the actual building amplifying its possibilities of use and display, increasing its relationship with the actual surroundings being a connected entity but at the same time AUTONOMOUS. Creating the IN-BETWEEN as a NATURAL FRACTURE in the SPACE.

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