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Biomechanoid Nomad City. Future City. Past Forward Competition >  2009. Competition Finalist

The CITY is developed as a bottom-up, EMERGENT SYSTEM; in which the INTERACTION of individual ARCHITECTURAL - VEHICLE UNITS, generates MULTIPLE logics of ORGANIZATION in different scales WITHOUT a previous PLANNING system.


As a NOMADIC society or culture, our city is not dependant on SITE. Eventually it OCCUPIES or PARASITES environments, cities or buildings. TAKING or SHARING something from these places but finally moving and finding another site ANYWHERE...


SPECIFIC CONDITIONS...YEAR 2059. Each Biomechanoid unit is designed as a HYBRID NATURAL - ARTIFICIAL system composed by FLEXIBLE EXTERIOR STRUCTURE with a SOFT AND RESISTANCE SKIN. The MAIN SPINE section is connected to the body (head & back); living the arms and the legs free and PROTECTING the human body. Located at the central section of this main system, SENSORS and technical devices are installed in order to CONTROL the unit. The Surface COLOUR change by means of a PATTERN depending on the INTERACTION between the units.

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