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“ From Culture to Innovation...our design philosophy is based on understanding the main principles and context of countries, cities and spaces to create innovative design strategies to preserve cultural qualities and values and at the same time create a new platform for future development, in terms of sustainability, efficiency and life quality "

                                                                                                                          - Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero on O + R Studio


Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero


- Architect. Principal / Founder.

- Ph.D in Fine Arts. University of Seville - Faculty of Fine Arts, Spain. International Doctorate. Cum Laude. 2017.

- Master of Science in Architecture

(Post – Professional). Pratt Institute. Graduate School of Architecture. New York, U.S.A. 2010.


- Licensed Architect (Spain). Degree of Architecture. E.T.S.A. Universidad de Sevilla. Seville, Spain. 2007.


Fernando Ortiz Martinez de Carnero


- Virologist, Certified Flow Cytometrist. Co-Founder.


- M. Sc. Virology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Madrid, Spain. 2011.


- M. Sc. Biology, Universidad de Sevilla. Seville, Spain. 2009.

- Hon.B. Sc. Biology, Universidad de Sevilla. Seville, Spain. 2007.

Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero, principal and founder of O + R, has worked, in Europe, America and Asia, as Associate Architect for Manuel Ortiz Cardenas y Asoc. S.L in Seville, as Architect for Vito Acconci at Acconci Studio in New York, and as Project Manager at AS. Architecture-Studio. Paris-Shanghai at Shanghai. He currently resides in Shanghai working in cooperation with architecture companies developing local and international competitions and projects.

Fernando Ortiz is a virologist and a certified cytometry specialist, member of the Quality & Standards Committee of the International Clinical Cytometry Society and manager of the cell sorting and flow cytometry facility at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He has more than 10 years of experience working on clinical and basic research. He has also taught special lectures on Anatomy in collaboration with the ARTANA research group at the University of Fine Arts of Seville.



-    ‘Wood-Flex House’. Winner Project - People´s Choice Award. Infill Design Competition. Edmonton, Canada, 2016

-    ‘Dodecaplex’. Shortlisted in the top 10 for the “Innovation and Architecture for Space”. Jacques Rougerie Foundation. Paris, France, 2016
-    ‘Summer Villa in Liuqiao’. Best Housing Project Award. The Spanish Architects Society. Shanghai, China, 2015
-    ‘Bamboo Skyscraper’. Special Mention Award. Bamboo Skyscraper Competition. Singapore, 2014
-    ‘Colonies’. Winner project of the competition: ECAT Exhibition Project 2010. Espacio Contemporaneo Archivo de Toledo, Spain, 2010
-    ‘Biomechanoid Nomad City Project’. Selected Project on the competition: Future City > Past. Forward. d3 Gallery. New York, U.S.A, 2009

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