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“ From Culture to Innovation...our design philosophy is based on understanding the main principles and context of countries, cities and spaces to create innovative design strategies to preserve cultural qualities and values and at the same time create a new platform for future development, in terms of sustainability, efficiency and life quality "


Dr. Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero. 

Architect. Principal / Founder.

- Ph.D in Fine Arts. University of Seville - Faculty of Fine Arts, Spain. International Doctorate. Summa Cum Laude.

- Master of Science in Architecture

(Post – Professional). Pratt Institute. Graduate School of Architecture. New York, U.S.A. 


- Licensed Architect (Spain). Master of Architecture. E.T.S.A. Universidad de Sevilla. Seville, Spain.


 2013 I 2023

Zhou Linyou. Interior Designer

Syu Yi. Architect

Yu Yuekan. Architect

Fernando Ortiz Martinez de Carnero. Biologist

" Our professionals and teams from different backgrounds and specialities provide a wide range of possibilities and capacities together with experience and spirit of innovation; to provide complete and expert services on Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design. We offer high quality design management and consultant services within advance design technology support for our clients "


 2009 I 2023


-‘MACTE Museum Library’. Winner Project - People´s Choice Award. 63rd Premio Termoli. Termoli, Italy, 2023

-‘Wood-Flex House’. Winner Project - People´s Choice Award. Infill Design Competition. Edmonton, Canada, 2016


-‘Dodecaplex’. Shortlisted in the top 10 for the “Innovation and Architecture for Space”. Jacques Rougerie Foundation. Paris, France, 2016

- ‘Summer Villa in Liuqiao’. Best Housing Project Award. The Spanish Architects Society. Shanghai, China, 2015

- ‘Bamboo Skyscraper’. Special Mention Award. Bamboo Skyscraper Competition. Singapore, 2014

- ‘Colonies’. Winner project of the competition: ECAT Exhibition Project 2010. Espacio Contemporaneo Archivo de Toledo, Spain, 2010

- ‘Biomechanoid Nomad City Project’. Selected Project on the competition: Future City > Past. Forward. d3 Gallery. New York, U.S.A, 2009


 2006 I 2023

· Individual Exhibitions:

- “Polimórfico y Fronterizo: el Espacio de las Ciudades de Asia Oriental”, Espacio Dársena, Seville, Spain, 2023. (Photography)
- “Intimo y Distante: Espacio Urbano en las Metrópolis de Asia Oriental”, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla (COAS), Seville, Spain, 2021. (Photography)
- “O+R: Proyectos 2013 - 2016”, Sala de Exposiciones Canal Sur - Radio y Televisión, Cadiz, Spain, 2018. (Architecture)
- “...Crossbreeding...”, Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (RTVA), Seville, Spain, 2018. (Architecture, Art and Photography)
- “Intimate and Distant”, Moments - Tianzifang. Shanghai, China, 2013. (Photography)
- “...In a Constant State of Becoming...”, Demo Club. Shanghai, China, 2012. (Art, Photography)
- “Colonies”, ECAT. Espacio Contemporáneo Archivo de Toledo. Toledo, Spain, 2010 - 2011. (Biological Installation Art)
- “Morfogeneticas y Representaciones”, European Comission, Edificio Expo. Seville, Spain, 2007. (Art)
- “Inside - Outside”, RTVA. Seville, Spain, 2006. (Art, Video - Art)


· Collective Exhibitions:

- “Voices”. CICA Museum (Czong Institute of Contemporary Art), Gimpo, South Korea, 2023. (Art)
- “Color”. CICA Museum (Czong Institute of Contemporary Art), Gimpo, South Korea, 2023. (Art)
- “63 rd Premio Termoli Exhibition”. MACTE (Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Termoli), Termoli, Italy, 2023. (Architecture and Design)
- XXV International Painting Competition “Ciudad de Alcázar”, Alcázar de San Juan, Spain, 2021. (Art)
- “Artana IX”. Camas, Seville, Spain, 2010. (Art)
- “Future City > Past. Forward”, d3 Gallery. New York, U.S.A, 2009. (Architecture)
- “Encuentro de Lenguajes”, Arts Center “Cecilio Muñoz-Fillol.” Valdepeñas, C.Real, Spain, 2008. (Art, Video - Art)
- “Videoformes 2006”. Official Selection, “Videotheque Ephemere.” Clermont-Ferrand, France. 2006. (Video - Art)

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