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"Colonies" - Biological Art Installation. ECAT 2010 Competition >  2010. Competition Winner

"COLONIES". Winner project of the competition: ECAT EXHIBITION PROJECT 2010.  Espacio Contemporaneo Archivo de Toledo. Toledo, Spain, 2010


Team: Rafael Ortiz Martinez de Carnero + Fernando Ortiz Martinez de Carnero


COLONIES is an installation project that propose a DIRECT ENCOUNTER between human beings and microorganisms through an exhibition setting. In which the visitors can experience the sensation of being part of an organism that is both alive and multiple. Encounters of this type are usually conceived in a negative way, but is itself a DAILY ENCOUNTER. Microorganisms are part of our life, they live in the air...surrounding us.

On the other hand the exponential development of biotechnology and bioengineering leads to thought about FUTURE ENCOUNTERS, that can be controlled at macroscopic scale. This Superorganism is composed of Colonies of microscopic ecosystems placed on columns arranged at different heights. Each column is the structure and skin of an ecosystem that is alive and evolves. In this way what is ORGANIC become part of the SPACE, occupying it.

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