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Nanjing Youth Olympics - Conference Center Interior Design Competition. Nanjing, China >  2012

Our project proposes a unified image that potentiates the specific qualities and attributes of each space. Our main goal is to create a group of spaces as a unified system capable to interact and keep the continuity with the actual project, whilst emphasizing the spirit of the Olympic youth within Nanjing’s local traditions and cultural values. Now, it is an international platform with enough flexibility and capability to adapt for the future generations.


Interior Design: 5,862 m2. Including: Conference Center 2935 m2 (31,592 ft²) for an audience of 2200 people, V.I.P room 125 m2 (1,345 ft²), Multifunction Restaurant 1364 m2 (14,682 ft²) - 520 people, Multifunction Restaurant 1042 m2 (11,216 ft²) - 450 people, Meeting Room 240 m2 (2,583 ft²) - 70 people and Meeting Room 156 m2 (1,679 ft²) - 25 people

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